When it comes to shopping in Thailand, you are spoilt for choice, and there is as even much more choices available online than you have in the thousands of shopping malls and markets throughout the country. If you are new to Thailand or you are looking to travel there soon, below are some of the most popular ways to go shopping that you can enjoy when you visit the Land of Smiles.

Shopping At The Mall

Thailand has some fantastic shopping malls, which are a pleasure to walk around and explore. You can get everything from high-end designer labels to boutique clothes from independent designers that are one of a kind. The markets are an excellent place to get some bargains and a wide variety of choice, but you may struggle if you are a larger size to get something that fits well. When you visit one of the large shopping malls, they will often have more sizes available, plus you also get to shop in the air conditioning, which is much needed on the hotter days.

Shopping Online

It is also common for people to shop online in Thailand, although it is common to find companies and retailers offering cash on delivery, rather than taking online payments. Many online retailers are selling an assortment of fashion items, and whether you want a frilly pink dress, or you are searching for a bow blouse online, Thailand will have websites selling it. If you are going to make your purchase online and pay for it online, ensure that the website is secure. You will also want to make sure that the payment method is secure and be wary of companies asking for bank transfers.

Social Media

You will also find that there are a lot of people selling lots of fashionable clothes and accessories on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. With so much choice available through these social media platforms, you can browse for hours, and you will usually have the option to pay cash on delivery. As mentioned above, be wary of anyone asking you to transfer via bank accounts, as this is a common way for fraudsters to rip people off. Do a check of the seller and look for how much feedback they have and how long they have been selling for, which will help you to find a reputable seller.

Line & WhatsApp

You will also be able to find many selling groups on platforms such as Line and WhatsApp, where people advertise clothes for sale. Some of these sellers ask for bank transfers but have been trading for a long time and have a trusted reputation, but they will usually offer cash on delivery options for customers as well.

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