Whether it is a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or you want to show the man in your life how much you care, buying them clothing is an excellent gift that they will appreciate. Whether you get them long sleeve polo shirts or a new pair of shoes, there are many options of what you can get them depending on their style and taste, and your budget, so you will need to consider what to buy them. Below are some ideas to get you started and help you think about what clothes to get your man they will like and make them look handsome.

A New Pair Of jeans

A new pair of denim jeans is an excellent gift that you man may love, and there are various options available. There are many brands you can choose to buy, such as Lee, Wrangler, or Levi’s, and they come in many styles and colours. You can consider getting them any of the following:

  • Straight Leg Jeans
  • Baggy Jeans
  • Boot Cut Jeans
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Tapered Jeans
  • Flared Jeans

You can also get them in various colours, including dark blue, light blue, black, and stonewash, so there should be a suitable option available your man will love.

T-Shirts & Polo Shirts

You can also consider getting them some quality designer t-shorts or polo shorts that they may like and will get plenty of use out of them. You can get short-sleeved and long-sleeved options, depending on what they like to wear, and there are also plenty of colour options available. They are generally highly affordable, so you can consider getting more than one, so you can get them various colour options that suit their wardrobe.

Quality Shoes & Trainers

Another gift that the man in your life may appreciate is a quality pair of shoes or a pair of trainers from their favourite brand. Depending on what they usually wear, you can get them something smart or something casual, and there are plenty of options available. However, knowing his shoe size is sometimes not enough, and it may be best to bring him along with you shopping so you can ensure they fit and are comfortable to wear.

A Fitted Shirt

If your man often wears a shirt and tie in a formal setting, you can also consider getting them a fitted shirt from one of the many tailor shops in Bangkok. You will need to bring them along so they can get accurately measured, and they can also select the style of shirt and material used. Once the tailor has their measurements, you can surprise them with more shorts later for their birthday or other special occasions and give them something stylish to wear.