Women clients prefer to stop by one beauty parlor rather than visiting multiple parlors for different purposes. It gets so much uncomfortable to hop places for having nails and eyelashes done from varied places. Seeing the zealous demand for volume-enhanced eyelashes, the manicure & pedicure singapore salons happily include this as part of the package.

Extra beauty services offered nowadays

The cosmetic masters go beyond nail shaping and buffing services. And extensions are not just about nails but also eyelashes. Yes, you read that right. Thicker and longer eyelashes give a makeup-less grace instantly. Clients can now avail themselves of the following services from a professional parlor.

  • Nail Tech- They cover all the necessary and premium services. From removing cuticles to artistic nail extensions, the visitors are offered everything to make hands and feet beautiful, from gentle scrubbing to spa relaxation.
  • Eyelashes Art- The best manicure & pedicure singapore salons offer to add length and volume to your eyelashes. These are more long-lasting than fake stick-on. Qualified staff guarantees water-resistant eyelashes that do not even need mascara application.

Clients can get customized suggestions and implementations from the experts in the field. A little modification can bring about massive enhancement. Get your pretty eyelashes now!