Bracelets are such an amazing piece of jewellery. They are best among all types of jewellery to give your wrist an elegant and sparkly appearance. So, why do people prefer tennis bracelets among all the various kinds available? Why are they called tennis bracelets, what does the name signify? If these are some of the questions in your head? Then you are in the right place. In this article we will be answering all of those questions in your head related to tennis bracelets.

Why the bracelets are called tennis bracelets? 

The original name of tennis bracelets was eternity bracelet, resembling the eternity ring. In the 1987 US open, while tennis player Chris Evert’s was in the middle of an intense match, she suddenly stopped playing mid-match and asked for a timeout. This was because she lost her diamond eternity bracelet. The match was called off in order to find her bracelet. When the tennis player was asked about the incident in an interview, she referred to the bracelet as a tennis bracelet. From this instant, sales on eternity bracelets rose rapidly, and the name was also converted to a tennis bracelet forever.

Few Things about tennis bracelets? 

What are tennis bracelets?  A tennis bracelet is a bracelet with an endless circle of the prettiest diamonds. Pongs are used in order to attach the diamonds together. The reason why they are so expensive is because there are tons of diamonds all around your waist when you wear a tennis bracelet. Not only diamonds, tennis bracelets are also made by inserting a series of rubies, sapphires etc. Tennis bracelets commonly tend to have a loose fit. This makes wearing them comfortable and the bracelets are designed in such a way that they are comfortable but don’t fall off of your hand.

Best settings for tennis bracelets

  1. Bezel setting 

A tennis bracelet made with a Bezel setting looks like a series of small round shaped stones attached. In a Bezel setting, the diamonds are set in place with any type of precious metal. They are arranged in such a way that the precious metal surrounds the sides of the diamond.

  1. Channel setting 

In a channel setting, two vertical strips of metal hold the diamond in place. The diamond is not as secure in a channel setting compared to Bezel setting. But both of them have their own sense of beauty.

  1. Prong setting

We saved the best for last, prong settings are the most popular kinds of setting for a tennis bracelet. In a prong setting, the diamond is set in place between four small tips of the precious metal. The prong setting shows off the precious metal as well as the diamond very well.

The complete appearance of the bracelet changes according to the setting you choose. So, be careful and patient, pick the one that you feel will be the best. Bezel setting is considered the safest among the three as the metal surrounds the diamond from all sides. But prong and channel settings are pretty in their own way and also very safe.

Tennis bracelets are available in sterling silver, platinum, white and yellow gold. If you ask me, platinum is the best, and then comes gold and finally sterling silver. Platinum is more durable and stronger than gold and sterling silver, so it is the best choice. I would prefer avoiding sterling silver as it is not as strong and durable as the other two options.

Conclusion: Tennis bracelets can be a perfect gift idea for your 1st anniversary, birthday etc. Tennis bracelets are unisex and can be layered with watches or other bracelets for a much nicer look.