A good body shaper is an absolute must for your foundation wardrobe. What makes it that great, though? Its structure, with its anchoring points at the shoulders and crotch, helps keeping the garment in place by preventing it from rolling up or down. Thanks to this classic garment, you can always look your best, provided that you know how to pick the right one for you. Let’s see some of the most important things to consider when shopping around for the best body shaper.


What area of your body needs a compression focus?


Thighs are important, because they contribute to creating the beautiful, natural body line that makes heads turn. A body shaper with a compression focus on your thighs will shape your body in a seamless way.


Body shapers are usually cut in panels. This allows for setting different compression levels for different areas of the body. If needed, such garments can provide a firm waist compression, for a perfect hourglass shape effect.


If you prefer to wear your own bra, you can choose an open bust shaping slip. If not, you can get a push up corset style garment. In both situations bust compression is of utmost importance, so you should pay attention to choosing the right one for your body.


Body shapers come in various shapes, going from subtle to dramatic. Let’s see what you can get.

Hourglass Shape

A sturdy waist cinching body shaper will provide you with the amazing hourglass line of a celebrity. If this is your style of choice, keep in mind that a good hourglass body shaper should also focus on your breasts and on your hips to build the perfect silhouette.

Sleek Shape

If you only want to accentuate your natural curves without any dramatic change, you can choose a light to medium compression body shaper. You’ll benefit from an uninterrupted silhouette that will look natural, particularly if you use long leg body shapers.


While and nude are the most common colours, as they help concealing the garment. Also, evening outfits may call for the use of a black or navy body shaper.


In order to cater to the different fashion styles and personal preferences, body shapers come in a wide array of fabrics, ranging from minimalist modernism to intricate lacework. Snug outfits call for minimalist body shaper styles, as that’s the best way to obtain a smooth and sleek silhouette.


Formal and casual dresses will look great in combination with a shaping slip that’s anchored from the shoulders. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must choose the right size for you, in order to avoid unwanted interruptions of your body line.

Everyday Outfits

For everyday outfits, you may want to try a basic underwired body suit. Firmly anchored, this garment will support your body in an effective and comfortable manner. For a natural look, consider choosing a less conspicuous type of body shaper. Nobody will ever notice that you’re wearing it.

Since there are so many types of body shapers that are for all different shapes and sizes from tall and slim, plus size models and petite and curvy, you shouldn’t limit yourself to using only one. You can have several body shapers to suit a wide range of occasions and outfits. Also, you can have body shapers for different seasons, for different looks, and for different activities.