SEO is something that has great importance in today’s digital age. With more and more people using their favourite search engines to find products and services, it’s important for getting your website and business seen. However, it offers even more value than this. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons why local businesses should be taking SEO in Hampshire seriously, to take their business to new heights.

1. Organic Search Is The Primary Source Of Web Traffic

First and foremost, organic search has become the main way businesses drive traffic. It is one of the most important elements of getting a prospective buyer into your buying funnel.

As many marketers will concur, Google is the dominate player in the search engine industry. With much more market share than the competition, getting your business listed high on Google has become of utmost importance. However, that doesn’t mean that competition can be ignored.

All search engines contribute to overall brand visibility. However, Google does own 75% of the entire search market. Because of this, it happens to be the single most important search engine. However, that leaves 25% to the other search engine providers which are significant, as well.

With Google being the most visited website in the entire world, it’s very important to focus on. Not only that, but they are the leading email provider and they have YouTube which is the second most widely used search engine. The majority of the world that has access to the Internet is using Google at least once per day to acquire the information they are seeking.

Getting your website listing as high as possible is always going to be preferred because consumers have come to trust these rankings to help them make favourable buying decisions. Thus, implementing quality SEO can make a big difference in your website and its ability to drive buying traffic.

2. It Builds Trust and Credibility

The entire goal of SEO is the ability to establish a solid foundation in the marketplace. Having a beautiful website that offers an optimised end-user experience can go a long ways towards building and establishing credibility within the marketplace. Several elements will go into being able to establish authority. For instance, some of the following things will play into your ability to establish such authority including:

– Building quality backlink profiles
– Having positive user behaviour
– Machine-learning signals
– Having optimised on-page content and elements

However, establishing good brand authority in the marketplace will do much more for your brand than most other optimisations you can make. The problem is, it can be very difficult, if not impossible to build this kind of trust overnight. This type of authority takes a long time to build.

Being able to establish good brand authority can take time and patience. Along with this, it can take a hefty commitment. It also requires that you can offer both a quality product and/or service that can help allow customers to be able to trust your brand as much as possible.

3. It Delivers a Better User Experience

Every customer wants to be able to gain maximum visibility with their brand. Very few can realise that having an optimised end-user experience is how you can achieve that.

Google specifically has learned how to effectively dissect what delivers a quality end-user experience and what doesn’t. Thus, having a website that delivers such an experience can make a big difference in determining how successful your website is. Consumers generally know what they want. If they aren’t able to find it or get it from your website, you won’t be able to get the kind of results you are seeking. One of the clearest examples of building this kind of strong end-user experience is by looking at how Google has managed to become the go-to ‘answer engine’ for consumers.

They have created a simplified way for consumers to get the answers they are seeking with as few clicks as possible. The implementation of quality SEO directly ties to providing the best possible end-user experience.