Single glazing has become rare these days, partly because Building Regulations have forbidden it and also because it does not protect the property from adverse weather. It has now become inadequate, and it looks like there might come a time when double-glazing will not be an option either. Triple-glazing could soon become the only way to install windows on most properties. The main advantage of triple-glazed windows that has most people opting for them is that they are energy-efficient.

Most property owners may wonder if triple-glazed windows and upvc windows are the best option. If you’re wondering if they are worth it, here is information that can help you make up your mind.

How Do Triple-glazed Windows Differ From Double-glazed Ones?

Most new buildings have various types of glazing, such as sliding doors, roof lights, etc, but this does not always mean that they are energy efficient. Heat and cold still pass through the glass easily compared to a surface like an insulated wall.

Building Regulations have become strict, and this has forced glazing companies to come up with better products that can provide property owners with energy-efficiency. Triple-glazed windows seem to be the answer as they have two air pockets which mean they provide increased insulation.

Low-energy Properties and Homes

In the Northern parts of Europe where the climate is much colder, it is standard for buildings to have triple-glazed windows. Contemporary homes now have to be ultra-low-energy, and triple-glazed windows are a necessary part of that. There are new techniques that allow more insulation to enable homes to be as low-energy as possible.

Homeowners benefit from triple-glazed windows as they surpass the standards required by Building Regulations. Proper installation of triple-glazed windows in the home means that a homeowner does not have to pay for additional insulation because of air getting into the house.

Triple-glazed units are more costly (around 20% more) because of the added advantages they provide but are worth it.

Noise Reduction and Increased Security

Triple-glazed windows are difficult to break, so this is a good way to ensure the property is not accessible to burglars.

When it comes to noise reduction, triple-glazed glass can give you an added advantage. The only issue is that it may affect the acoustics of the place. If this is a problem for you, you can opt for units that have a bigger air pocket between the laminated glass and the panes.

Extra Features

Manufacturers provide extra qualities to make triple-glazed units the best option. Apart from the three panes, some qualities make the units more effective. One such quality is the inclusion of inert gas between the glass. The gas provides more insulation because inert gases such as argon provide more insulation because they are less conductive than air.

Another feature is the metal oxide coating on the pane. The coating is done on one of the panes that are facing inwards. It is invisible and reflects any heat that falls on the glass back into the home.

Additionally, you can opt for space bars that conduct less heat for your panes. Bars made from plastic composite are a good option compared to aluminium ones.

Are Triple-glazed Windows Worth It?

If your home is located in cold climate areas, the answer is a definite ‘yes’. They will make your home more comfortable. You can get the maximum benefits of triple-glazing if your home is already energy-efficient rather than if your insulation levels on other areas are low.

When it comes to triple-glazing, it always pays to consider comfort.